Isn't it easier to do business with a person after you've met them?

Meet your Travel Agent helps you "meet" professional travel agents through a direct, authentic and compelling online video.

Like yourself, people visiting our website have spent a lifetime gathering information and forming opinions through real human experiences. Trust, familiarity and confidence are the foundation of good business relationship. But they're also byproducts of getting to know the real person.

Before selecting a Travel Agent to handle your travel plans, whether that is for pleasure or business you'll need to research them thoroughly to see if the agent is the right person.

Since people now a days don’t go to the traditional travel agency called in the industry a brick and mortar location. You need to be extra careful when selecting the person who will represent you with the suppliers. Here are some tips for finding the best travel agent to help you.

Ask for referrals. If you are looking for an travel agent to assist in your travel planning, ask friends, relatives, co-worker and neighbors for suggestions. They may be able to refer you to a reputable travel agent with which they have had positive experiences. If you can't find any referrals or wish to look for a new agent you can begin researching here within Meet your Travel Agent to see if any of our agents will be able to meet your needs.

Look for an experienced agent Not all travel agents are qualified to handle your travel plans. Look for a professional who has previous experience and extended training in the travel industry. Ask what certifications they have earned? There are many qualified agents who have earned their Travel Sales Certification (TSC), Accredited Cruise Counslor (ACC), Master Cruise Counslor (MCC), Elite Cruise Counslor (ECC), Elite Cruise Counslor Scholar (ECCS), Certified Travel Agent (CTA) and many others. These all required extensive classroom training plus personal travel experience.

Pay close attention to the agent's reputation Some consumers have found that travel agents have lied to them to get them to make purchase. If you have any concerns about the business practices of an agent, keep looking.

Research your agent's business Since many travel agents today work out of their house. This is completely legal and a trend in the industry and many other industries as well. Does the agent have a separate phone number for all business calls? Does the agent have the proper licenses required? Will the agents personally assist you or are they directing you to a web site?

Insist on regular contact You will need a travel agent who is willing to keep you frequently updated on the status of your reservation. Keep you informed on newly announced specials and any exceptional promotions that might interest you.

Select an agent with whom you get along Personality clashes can poison a working arrangement and lead to more than just hot tempers. Make sure that you get along well with your agent before entering into a working relationship.

Weigh the cost of the service How much will your agent charge you for his or her work? Many agents do not charge any additional fees as they are paid from the suppliers. Thus meaning you get better service and at the same or lower cost then going to the supplier directly. If you're having a hard time finding a travel agent to assist you in making travel plans, check within here Meet your Travel Agent where you will be able to view your travel agent on video and read there complete biography..

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